Should you apply for a Canada study visa under the SDS category or show financial proof?

Published on December 10, 2023

Should you apply for a Canada study visa under the SDS category or show financial proof?

Are you torn between applying for an SDS study visa or providing regular financial proof with a higher success rate? Each option has its own specifics and is suitable for different individuals. Explore with LOA Portal and find the right decision!

Why apply for a Canadian study visa?

A Canadian study visa is a legal document confirming the right to enter Canada for educational purposes. This visa allows students to participate in registered courses and programs, enabling them to accumulate knowledge and skills in their desired field.

Additionally, the visa stipulates the legal stay duration in Canada. The Canadian study visa is usually granted based on the study period and can be extended depending on the duration of the student's academic program.

Two most popular ways to apply for a Canadian study visa

  • Financial proof category: With this option, students need to clearly demonstrate their family's financial sources to cover tuition and living expenses throughout their study journey in Canada to be granted a visa.
  • Study Direct Stream (SDS) : This program was established by the Canadian government and implemented in Vietnam in 2018. The main goal of SDS is to simplify the approval process and document preparation, making it more convenient for international students who wish to study in Canada.

What do you need to prepare for studying in Canada without financial proof?

Canada study visa under SDS or Financial Proof category?

Comparison of differences between applying for a Canada study visa under the Financial Proof category and SDS category

 Financial ProofSDS
EligibilityAll studentsExcept high school grads
InstitutionsSome with DLI codeAll institutions 
International languageNot requiredIELTS Academic 6.0 or higher
Study PlanRequired  Highly important
Financial ProofIncome proof, assets, savings, land deeds, etcOpen a Canadian bank account with a minimum of 20,635 CAD
Yêu cầu đóng học phí trướcNot required1-year tuition fees
Processing timeNormal  Faster   

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When should you apply for a Canada study visa under SDS?

  • Post-secondary students (College, University, post-graduate)
  • Studying at institutions with a DLI code
  • Already have an IELTS certificate with a score of 6.0 or higher
  • Desire a simplified and faster visa approval process
  • Difficulty in providing monthly income proof
  • Have enough finances to pay 1-year tuition fees and secure an investment certificate of 20,635 CAD

Who is the regular financial Proof category suitable for?

  • All students, including high school graduates
  • No IELTS certificate or IELTS score below 6.0
  • Sufficient documentation of monthly income and family assets


The decision to apply for a study visa is crucial in your journey. To answer the question "Should you apply for a Canadian study visa under SDS or provide financial proof?", carefully consider the conditions of each visa category. Choose the visa type that aligns with your financial situation and personal experience preferences to ensure a smooth and successful study journey in Canada.

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