Published on August 15, 2023 (updated August 15, 2023)



With an undeniable significance, a high-quality Study Plan can help you create a positive impression and easily conquer the process of obtaining a Canadian study visa.

International students studying in Canada

What is a Study Plan?

A Study Plan is a summary presentation of your entire future learning journey. It encompasses your study objectives, alignment with the school, field of study, Canada, and specific plans during your study abroad period.

Why is the Study Plan important?

The Study Plan plays a decisive role in the success of your Canadian study visa application. Therefore, defining your study goals and study plans before studying abroad is especially crucial.

Furthermore, the Study Plan provides an overview that allows the application reviewer to understand who you are, your aspirations, and why you've chosen the school and their country. It also persuades them to accept your reasons and goals for issuing a study visa.

However, many students still struggle to construct an impressive and persuasive Study Plan. This article will provide essential tips to help you prepare well for your exciting journey to the land of maple leaves.

Writing a Standard Study Plan for your journey to study in Canada

Notes for creating a perfect Study Plan

Clarifying your study objectives

Study goals serve as a pivotal point in your Study Plan. You should specify your learning objectives and what you aim to achieve through studying in Canada. This demonstrates that you have thoroughly researched the academic program and have a clear stance on your education.

In this section, you should connect your study goals with your career plans. Showcase how studying abroad is an opportunity to enhance your expertise, develop skills to support your future work and profession in your home country, rather than just the country of study. Present a career direction along with commitments to return to Vietnam after graduation.

Matching the school and program in Canada

Present your dreams and aspirations in your studies and why you are a suitable fit for the school and major in Canada. List the courses, subjects, and activities you plan to engage in as evidence of your thorough research and suitability. Additionally, mention the reasons you chose Canada as a study destination, including the quality of education, multicultural environment, and career opportunities.

Note: All stories and content should reflect the applicant's personal characteristics and stem from your life journey.

Developing a detailed financial plan

Financial capability is a crucial factor when applying for a visa. In your Study Plan, you need to present your financial plan, including tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation costs, and other dependencies. You need to demonstrate that you've meticulously considered your financial capacity and have a specific plan to ensure you have enough funds to complete your study program and live in Canada.


Writing a quality Study Plan is a significant step in impressing the consular office. Clearly defining study goals, explaining reasons, and presenting a detailed financial plan will demonstrate your preparedness and determination for your study abroad journey. Remember to convey sincerity and enthusiasm in every word carefully crafted in your Study Plan. Hopefully, this information will help you grasp the essential key to fulfilling your dream of studying in Canada.


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