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Pacific Link College (PLC) has been innovating the education landscape in Canada by building programs and partnerships that lead students to the careers of which they dream. Our success in post secondary education has made us one of the fastest-growing institutions in Canada. Our specialty is international students, for whom we have built student support from recruiting to academics to co-op and post-graduate care.

Mission, Philosophy and Values

PLC has always emphasized providing quality, innovative, practical education. These factors are key in helping students succeed in their goals: most notably in getting employment. PLC has done all this via a strong focus on student services and assistance, as well as learning strategies that combine teaching by industry leaders with guest lectures and industry visits. Co-op placement in the industry also plays a key role in student success; hence PLC has a dedicated co-op department to guarantee placement. Starting with the launch of its career programs, PLC also emphasized the importance of diversity in students, faculty and staff.


Established in 2011, PLC began by focusing on language instruction, which to this day is offered to international students. After opening its first career-centred campus in Guildford, Surrey, British Columbia, PLC quickly opened its second campus in neighbouring Burnaby as we saw the rapid expansion of the college recruiting and support teams across the globe.

Campus locations


200 – 4980 Kingsway,

Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 4K7, Canada


201 – 10090 152 St

Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 8X8, Canada

PLC - Pacific Link College