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Founded in 1959 by Jean-Paul Morin in the LaSalle borough of Montréal, LaSalle College is a subsidized private post-secondary educational institution.

Today it provides professional, college, and pre-university training.

Now located in the heart of the city’s downtown area and in Laval, it is the largest bilingual college in North America.

LaSalle College has 5 specialty schools with over 60 programs based on creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and openness to the world at the heart of its educational plan.

LaSalle College is the largest private bilingual college in North America. It has built an international reputation to match the scale of its ambitions.

Today, the school’s population includes almost 40% international students coming from more than 110 different countries.

This unique, multicultural setting allows all students to develop into citizens of the world and to open up to cultural, social and economic diversity in the modern world.

LaSalle College is behind the LCI Education network. Currently located on 5 continents, it now has 23 higher education campuses whose members train more than 17,000 students from around the world each year.

Since 1959, LaSalle College has continually positioned itself at the forefront of education, training the generation that will shape tomorrow’s world by enabling it to be successful while respecting human values.

Campus locations

Laval Campus

1595 Daniel-Johnson Blvd. - Suite 200

Laval, Quebec, H7V 4C2, Canada

Montréal Campus

2000, Sainte-Catherine Street West

Montréal, Quebec, H3H 2T2, Canada

LaSalle College