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Education is personal.

All students have their own individual perspectives, skills, and interests. Despite their distinctive strengths and needs, young people also share some common traits with one another. They have a need to be heard, to create, and to learn in ways meaningful to them.

At the DSBN, that understanding forms the basis of all our work. We understand that education is personal. It is a process of self-discovery as much as it is discovery about the world and how it works. We all learn at our own pace, in our own way.

We’re committed to working with each student to understand who they are, and to reflect that in the supports and programming we provide. That commitment forms the basis of the DSBN’s strategic plan, entitled “I Matter.” It is why we have made a concerted effort to ensure our schools offer a wide range of academic, athletic, and extra-curricular programs to challenge and delight students.

Our strategic plan tells you who we are, what we believe and lets you know what you can expect from us as a member of our educational community. I would like to share a few elements of our plan that highlight the DSBN’s commitment to personalization and honouring the unique characteristics that make us who we are:

The DSBN honours student voice – we want to understand your thoughts, viewpoints and experiences

Equity is at the core of our beliefs and we use our resources to promote it

We value open, two-way dialogue with parents and community partners

We encourage you to get to know the DSBN in an entirely new way. Read our plan and see what we stand for. The principles spelled out in the strategic plan will guide our staff as we work to support students along their educational journey.

Our schools are welcoming places where your children are safe, cared for, and challenged to be their best selves.

Welcome to the DSBN, a place where you and your family matter.


K Pisek@2x

Kelly Pisek
Director of Education
District School Board of Niagara


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