Brock University

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Max programs per application:


Application fee:

130.00 CAD(Application fee varies from 130.00 CAD to 140.00 CAD)

Brock University is one of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. Located in historic Niagara region, Brock offers all the benefits of a young and modern university in a safe, community-minded city with beautiful natural surroundings.

With more than 19,000 students in seven diverse Faculties, Brock University offers an academic experience that’s second to none. Our degree programs are designed with your future in mind. We focus on your career with co-op and service learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field of study.

Brock is more than a school — it’s a community. There’s a variety of clubs, intramural athletic options and extracurricular activities to stimulate any interest. Beyond your own participation, cheer on the Brock Badgers in a wide variety of sports.

Campus locations

Niagara Region

1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way

St. Catharines, Ontario, L2S 3A1, Canada


Minimum scholarship:

1600 CAD

Maximum scholarship:

13600 CAD

Scholarship Description:

Brock Scholars Awards

Brock Scholars awards are open to incoming students from anywhere in the world. To qualify, you must be entering your first undergraduate program in the Fall term (no previous post-secondary experience). No application is required. 

Scholarship disbursement: Your scholarship will be applied directly to your tuition and/or residence fees. This will take place before classes begin in September, reducing the amount you owe to the University. Scholarships cannot be used for first instalments or down payments. 

Brock course load requirements: You must be a full-time student to receive your scholarship. If you reduce your course load to part-time status (less than 3.0 credits in the Fall/Winter terms) or withdraw from the University, the value of your scholarship will be pro-rated or withdrawn. Please advise Student Accounts and Financial Aid of any change in your registration status, preferably before a change is made so we can assess the financial implications. 

Admission average (final grades) and  Amount of award 

95.0% and above $13,600 ($3,400 each year) 

90.0% – 94.9% $7,600 ($1,900 each year) 

85.0% – 89.9% $3,600 ($900 each year) 

80.0% – 84.9% $1,600 ($400 each year)

Brock University