Published on July 17, 2023 (updated September 13, 2023)



There are currently over 24 publically funded colleges across the Ontario province. So which colleges are the most prestigious in Ontario for international students to pursue?

Here are the top 5 prestigious colleges in Ontario, according to LOA Portal statistics from students currently studying in Canada.

1. Seneca Polytechnic

Seneca Polytechnic is the college with the highest number of Vietnamese students in Canada, with over 600 current students. Seneca Polytechnic provides professional education and an international learning environment for students from around the world.

Seneca Polytechnic has 7 campuses:

  • Newnham Campus
  • Seneca@York Campus
  • King Campus
  • Seneca International Academy
  • Yorkgate Campus
  • Peterborough Campus
  • Seneca Downtown Campus
Seneca Polytechnic

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2. George Brown College

George Brown College (GBC) is one of the largest colleges located in downtown Toronto, Canada. GBC has 3 campuses in the Downtown Toronto area, which are:

- Casa Loma Campus

- St. James Campus

- Waterfront Campus

One of the prominent programs at GBC is the Hospitality program, which includes Restaurant & Hotel Management. With a team of experienced faculty members and The Chef's House located right on campus, students have the opportunity to learn and intern directly at the college. Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has even expressed his praise for George Brown College.

George Brown College

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3. Centennial College 

Centennial College, established in 1966, boasts 6 campuses spread across Toronto, offering over 250 diverse programs. It promises to provide students with the best quality education and support services, ensuring opportunities for employment after graduation.

  • Progress Campus
  • Morningside Campus
  • Ashtonbee Campus
  • Story Arts Centre Campus
  • Downsview Campus
  • Performing Arts Centre

What sets Centennial College apart is its first-place ranking in employer satisfaction in the Toronto area. Employers are highly satisfied with the quality of education and the outcomes of students who have studied at Centennial College.

Centennial College

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4. Humber College

Humber College is one of the largest colleges located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Since its establishment, Humber has been recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Education as a leading educational institution in the fields of business, tourism, film, media, design, and healthcare.

  • North Campus
  • Lakeshore Campus
  • International Graduate School

Humber College is highly regarded by international students due to its high employment rate of 90% for graduates within 6 months of completing their studies at Humber College, which is the highest in the GTA Toronto area.

Humber College

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5. Sheridan College 

Sheridan College is known as the "Harvard of Animation, Arts, and Design schools". It has received numerous prestigious rankings and has achieved many accomplishments in various fields, most notably Animation and Design.

  • The college is ranked among the top 3 in the world and the top 1 in Canada for graphic design, game design, and animation production.
  • Eight alumni from the college have won prestigious Oscars.
  • Business students from the college have won a Silver prize at the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition.
Sheridan College

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