Top 10 leading universities in Canada 2024

Published on April 9, 2024 (updated April 9, 2024)

Top 10 leading universities in Canada 2024

Canada is a developed country and one of the top nations with the highest quality in the world. It also boasts an advanced education system with many Canadian universities featured in international rankings, according to QS World University Rankings 2024.

Top 1: University of Toronto - Canada's premier institution

Ranked first in Canada (according to QS Rankings 2024), the University of Toronto attracts students from around the globe and is a leading research hub with advanced laboratories. The campus hosts a total of 84,000 students from over 160 countries worldwide.

The University of Toronto offers over 700 diverse programs ranging from undergraduate to over 200 master's and doctoral programs. Popular fields of study include Education, Health Sciences, Computer Science, Architecture, Humanities.

Tuition: $20,000 – $52,000.

University of Toronto: A leading institution in Canada

Top 2: McGill University - Canada's oldest institution

Established in 1821, McGill University, spanning over two centuries, is one of Canada's and the world's renowned universities. Situated uniquely in the heart of Montreal, one of Canada's richest cultural and artistic cities, where French is widely spoken.

With 2 main campuses in Quebec, the university has 11 faculties and offers 300 academic programs across various research fields. McGill is famous for its social sciences and humanities, medical research, natural sciences, among others.

Tuition: $18,000 – $37,000.

McGill University - Canada's 2nd top university

Top 3: University of British Columbia - Alma mater of 3 Canadian Prime Ministers

With over 100 years of establishment and development, UBC is globally renowned for education and research. The university attracts thousands of students worldwide. Notably, its alumni include 7 Nobel laureates, 69 Rhodes scholars, and 65 Olympic medalists, and it has been the alma mater of 3 Canadian prime ministers.

UBC's strengths lie in computer science, technology, social sciences, humanities, accounting, finance, and sports-related fields.

Tuition: $29,000 - $60,000.

University of British Columbia: Top 3 notable universities in Canada

Top 4: University of Alberta - Prominent research programs

With a dynamic learning environment and excellent research programs, the University of Alberta is an ideal destination for those pursuing high-quality research.

It is one of the leading universities in research on oil and natural resources. Additionally, the University of Alberta has one of Canada's top medical research centers, specializing in genetics, microbiology, and genetics.

The university is renowned for fields such as computer science and engineering, psychology, finance, biology, and environmental sciences.

Tuition: $21,000 – $50,000.

Top 5: University of Waterloo - Strengths in Technology and Engineering

Established in 1957, located in Ontario, the University of Waterloo attracts over 34,000 students, including approximately 8,000 international students. It ranks first among Canadian universities with practical experience programs (according to Maclean's Student Voices Survey 2022).

As one of the world's leading universities in information technology and engineering, the University of Waterloo has strong ties with top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Shopify. Additionally, it offers top-ranked programs in environmental science and engineering, hotel and tourism management, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science, among others.

Tuition: $48,000 - $71,000.

Canada study abroad at the University of Waterloo: Top 1 Comprehensive Research University in Canada

Top 6: Western University - Canada's most beautiful campus

Located in London, Ontario - known as the "Forest City" - Western University boasts the most beautiful campus in Canada, blending with its natural landscape.

It is a research-oriented institution, investing $240 million annually in research projects. Western is renowned for its high-level business and management programs, being one of Canada's leading business schools.

Tuition: $40,000 - $60,000

 Studying in Canada at Western University 

Top 7: University of Montreal

Situated in the heart of Montreal, one of the world's leading cultural cities, the University of Montreal has three research centers: Immunology and Cancer Research, Cyberjustice Research Center, and the International Center for Criminology.

The university offers diverse multidisciplinary research programs, from arts to natural sciences and engineering, as well as economics, communication, medicine, etc.

Tuition: Approximately $25,600.

Top 8: University of Calgary

Located in Calgary, the financial and business center of Canada, the University of Calgary is one of the leading centers for business education and research. It ranks among the top 15 research universities in Canada, with over 30 research centers.

The university offers 14 faculties with over 250 diverse academic programs in all fields, with notable programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Health, Energy, etc.

Tuition: $26,500 - $35,000.

University of Calgary: Top 7 leading universities in Canada

Top 9: McMaster University

McMaster University is among the top 3 research universities in Canada, with over 70 research centers.

McMaster is renowned for its advanced education model and high-quality research. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, such as natural sciences, engineering, medicine, business, arts, and social sciences.

Tuition: $20,008 – $25,905.

Top 10: University of Ottawa 

The University of Ottawa is one of the top universities in Canada, headquartered in the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario. Established in 1848 as Collège de Bytown, it has undergone a long history of development and is now a leading educational and research center in Canada.

With advanced training quality, the university attracts over 35,000 students, including over 7,000 international students from around the world.

The university has many research institutes and top research centers in fields such as medicine, technology, social sciences and humanities, enabling students and faculty to participate in meaningful research projects.

Tuition: $27,900 – $36,300.


With this list, choosing a suitable university to pursue education and research is not only an important decision but also a significant step in building your career future. Canada is not only a country with high-quality education but also a diverse destination in terms of culture and society.


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