Published on August 15, 2023 (updated August 15, 2023)



Are you looking for an advanced learning environment in Supply Chain and work opportunities in Canada? With a program offering study and work for over 20 hours, students are equipped with in-depth knowledge and practical skills gained from part-time work.

Supply Chain - The Hot Field in Canada

Supply Chain is the field of managing activities related to the process of production and distribution of goods from their source to consumers.

In Canada, the Supply Chain sector plays a significant role in maintaining the operations of multinational companies and shaping the development of the economy.

International Students in the Supply Chain Field

Universities and colleges offering Supply Chain programs in Canada

Canada has numerous universities and colleges specializing in Supply Chain studies. Here are some institutions known for their Supply Chain teaching programs in Canada:

1. Humber College

2. University of Toronto

3. Seneca College

4. University of British Columbia (UBC)

5. Sheridan College

6. Ryerson University

7. Centennial College

These are just a few universities and colleges in Canada with Supply Chain teaching programs. Learn more here.

Benefits of Studying and Working in Canada

Combining studying Supply Chain with working in Canada not only helps you save on education costs but also offers exceptional benefits, including:

1. Diverse and Practical Knowledge: 

The program combines theory and practice, allowing you to apply knowledge to your work even while you're still a student.

2. Enhanced Soft Skills: 

You'll face real-world situations, helping you develop time management, teamwork, and effective problem-solving skills.

3. Job Opportunities: 

Through part-time work in the Supply Chain field, you can meet recruiters and build relationships, paving the way for your career after graduation.

Studying in Canada - Gateway to Career Success

Canada is renowned for its reputable and top-quality education system worldwide. When you study in this country, you'll have access to advanced curricula and engage in research projects. Furthermore, you'll practice alongside experienced instructors.

With the policy allowing students to work part-time for over 20 hours, you can accumulate work experience and generate income to support your daily life.

Let's conquer the Supply Chain industry in Canada and become successful international student who studies and works. Learning and working in this country will open up incredible opportunities for your future career.


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