Canada studying abroad in Toronto: International education center

Published on September 13, 2023 (updated September 14, 2023)

Canada studying abroad in Toronto: International education center


Are you aspiring to fulfill your dream of studying abroad in Canada, particularly in Toronto, one of the most vibrant cities in the world? Let's explore the opportunities for education and work at renowned global institutions here.

Toronto City - An Attractive Destination for Canadian International Students

Geographic Location

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, situated in the southeast of Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario, one of the five largest lakes in North America. This city is located approximately 137 km (85 miles) north of the Canada-US border. 

With its strategic geographical location, Toronto has become a significant economic, cultural, and educational hub in Canada and the Northeastern North American region.


Toronto features a temperate climate, with cold winters and warm summers, often with significant temperature fluctuations between seasons. Therefore, it's essential to be prepared with appropriate clothing and gear to ensure your well-being. 

Fall and spring in Toronto are particularly beautiful, with blossoming foliage and pleasant weather. This climate provides ideal conditions for year-round outdoor activities and research.

Toronto - A Modern City Attracting International Students for Canadian Education

Abundant Employment Opportunities for International Students Studying in Canada, Toronto

Toronto is the economic center of Canada and boasts a thriving economy with various industries such as finance, information technology, healthcare, and more. International students can take advantage of part-time work opportunities while studying. When studying abroad in Canada, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, offering an excellent opportunity to cover living expenses for themselves and their families.

After graduation, with the diverse range and quality of companies in Toronto, students have the opportunity to benefit from a variety of job prospects with attractive income and potential for settlement.

Cost of Studying Abroad in Canada, Toronto

Tuition Fees

$12,000 - $60,000 CAD per year

(varies by program, field, and institution)

Accommodation Costs

- On-Campus Housing: $3,000 - $7,000 CAD per year

- Renting a Room: $600 - $900 CAD per month

- Renting a Condo (1 Bedroom): $1,300 - $1,700 CAD per month

- Homestay: $400 - $800 CAD per month

Food Costs

- Average Restaurant Meal: $15 - $20 CAD per person

- Cooking at Home (Groceries): $300 - $500 CAD per month

Transportation Costs

- One-way Bus Fare: $2.40 CAD

- Monthly Bus Pass: $128.15 CAD (student rate) (*)

(*) These costs are subject to change over time in Toronto, Ontario.

Prominent World-Renowned Institutions in Toronto City

Toronto is a leading educational center with many world-renowned universities known for their exceptional teaching and research quality, attracting students from all around the globe. Studying abroad in Toronto offers the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and learn from top-notch faculty.

One of the world's top universities, renowned for its excellent teaching and research. It has three main campuses and offers a wide range of programs.

University of Toronto: A leading institution in Canada

Known for its teaching and research in engineering, management, and media arts.

One of Canada's largest universities, offering unique programs in various fields.

A diverse and large college in Toronto, offering a wide range of programs in areas like engineering, management, arts, and information technology.

Seneca Polytechnic: Top Canadian Colleges with the highest number of Vietnamese students

Known for programs related to healthcare, restaurant and hotel management, and other practical fields.

George Brown College: The largest college in downtown Toronto

Offers diverse programs with a reputation for quality teaching in business, engineering, and performing arts.

Humber College: An overview of the school and the famous teaching profession

Provides practical-oriented programs, including healthcare, engineering, arts, and design, often offering opportunities for real-world projects and internships.

Centennial College: A variety of hot careers for international students


Studying abroad in Canada, particularly in Toronto, not only provides outstanding educational opportunities but also opens doors to cultural experiences and diverse lifestyles. This city is a leading educational center in Canada and an excellent choice for personal development and career prospects in the future.


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