Canada study abroad at University of Windsor: Top 3% Global University

Published on November 19, 2023 (updated November 19, 2023)

Canada study abroad at University of Windsor: Top 3% Global University

Explore the University of Windsor - a leading educational destination in Canada. Experience a unique learning environment, close transportation connections, and cultural diversity where knowledge and innovation converge to shape promising futures.

Overview of the University of Windsor


Established in 1857, the University of Windsor is the only public university in the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This city is situated along the Detroit River between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. UWindsor is positioned on the border between Canada and the United States across the Detroit River. The distance between Windsor and Detroit is approximately 2.5 km, connected by the significant international border crossing, Ambassador Bridge.

University of Windsor's Campuses

The university has five campuses located in the city of Windsor:

  • Main Campus: Located in the city center, housing academic buildings and student facilities. The main hub for academic activities and student life.
  • Downtown Campus: Provides an academic playground near the city center, suitable for special courses and community-related activities.
  • School of Creative Arts: Focuses on creative arts programs, including visual arts, music, and performing arts.
  • Odette School of Business: Specializes in business education, with dedicated facilities to support students in this field.
  • Essex Centre of Research: The center for research projects and activities at the university.
Canada study abroad at the University of Windsor

Highlighted figures about the University of Windsor

  • Top 3% of global universities (701 - 750 QS World Ranking 2022).
  • Ranked 501 - 600 in the 20th edition of the World University Rankings by the Times Higher Education
  • Ranked 13th in Canada in the Maclean’s 2020 Comprehensive University category.
  • 100% of programs offer Co-op, Internship, or Practicum and real-world projects.
  • Partnerships with over 250 companies in Ontario and Canada to help students find internship opportunities.
  • 65% of students engage in in-depth research at the undergraduate level.
  • $14 million in scholarships available for students annually.

What programs are offered for Canadian study abroad at the University of Windsor?

The university offers a diverse range of 190 undergraduate and 70 graduate programs across nine faculties:

  • Arts, Humanities + Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Graduate Studies
  • Human Kinetics
  • Science

Admission requirements at the University of Windsor

Bachelor (Undergraduate)

  • IELTS from 6.5 or higher (no band < 6.0)
  • Encouraged GPA from 70% (average of the top 6 highest courses, including English)
  • High School Diploma

Master (Graduate)

  • IELTS from 6.5 or 7.0 (depending on the field)
  • GPA of 70% or higher
  • Bachelor's degree with honors
  • GMAT and GRE exemptions

Attractive scholarship opportunities

1. Self-assessment scholarships based on GPA:

President’s level support (95% - 100%): $4,000/year

Dean’s level support (90% - 94.99%): $2,500/year

Blue & Gold level support (85% - 89.99%): $1,000/year

2. Excellence in the first year scholarship: $750/Semester

3. Athlete scholarships for those with a score above 80% up to $4,500

Learn more at U Windsor’s official website.

University of Windsor - Opening doors to a bright future

With its unique location in downtown Windsor, students immerse themselves in a culturally diverse atmosphere and close community ties. Ranked in the Top 3% of global universities, the University of Windsor not only focuses on the quality of education but also supports student development through research programs, internships, and enticing scholarships. It is a place where dreams begin, and success is not just a goal but also a meaningful academic journey.


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