Canada high school study abroad at Newton International College: Comprehensive support for students

Published on June 16, 2024

Canada high school study abroad at Newton International College: Comprehensive support for students

Explore the opportunity to study high school in Canada at Newton International College - a prestigious institution offering attractive scholarships, diverse academic programs, and comprehensive support for international students.

Introduction to high school study abroad in Canada at Newton International College

Established in 2002 and certified by the Ontario Ministry of Education: BSID 883695, Newton International College is one of the few schools offering numerous attractive scholarships for international high school students.

Impressive statistics about Newton International College

The student-to-teacher ratio across the school is 1:5, ensuring quality teaching and personalized attention to each student.

  • 100% of teachers hold advanced degrees and are highly qualified in their fields.
  • 80% of graduating students receive Ontario Scholarships.
  • 100% of graduates gain admission to the Top 100 universities in Canada and worldwide.

Attractive high school study abroad scholarships at Newton International College

  • Offering a variety of scholarships ranging from $4,000 to 50%.
  • Application Fee waived when applying through the LOA Portal.
  • Receive a $4,000 scholarship upon unconditional acceptance.
  • Interview-based scholarships with the Principal up to 50% and 100% tuition fee coverage.
High school study abroad in Canada at Newton International College

Newton International College provides comprehensive support for students

Welcome Package: Airport pickup, assistance with bank account opening, SIM card setup, etc.

Medical Insurance: Coverage includes hospital services, laboratory tests, emergency treatment, and clinical facilities.

Guardianship Services: High-quality guardianship overseeing students' academic and daily activities.

Community Service: Assists students in fulfilling 40 hours of community service requirements for graduation.

Accommodation Services: Host families are screened and vetted through rigorous background checks.

Academic Support Services: Provides 1:1 counseling on course selection, academic support, university enrollment, and student issue resolution.

University Application Support Services: Assists students in university application submissions and addresses all admission-related concerns. Additionally, hosts Global University Fairs where students can interact directly with representatives from 100 leading universities.

Student Information System: PowerSchool connects teachers, parents, and students. Parents can monitor their child's academic progress while students can check assignments, download resources, and submit work through PowerSchool.

What high school programs does NIC offer for international students?

NIC offers several specialized programs for international students:

  • Top University Pathway (T.U.P) - for students aiming for top universities.
  • Art Advanced Program - for students passionate about the arts.
  • Pre-University (P.U.P) - prepares students for university.
  • English Program: IELTS Training, ESL Program, Toastmasters International, AP Courses
  • EQ Program
Extracurricular activities at Newton International College

What are the costs of high school study abroad in Canada at Newton International College?

Housing, meals, and guardianship are always concerns for parents when their children study abroad from a young age. Understanding these challenges, NIC provides services to ensure the safety of international students:

Application fee$300 (waived when applying through the LOA Portal)
Tuition fee

Top University Pathway (TUP): $31,800

Pre-University Program (PUP): $22,800

Student Insurance$700/year
Administrative fee$720
Accommodation costs

Homestay (3 meals): $1,500 - $1,800/tháng

Homestay (standard): $1,200/tháng

Application fee: $300



Application fee: $300


Studying high school at Newton International College is an ideal choice for international students seeking to experience a modern, high-quality learning environment with comprehensive support. With a team of professional teachers, diverse academic programs, and optimized support services, NIC will surely be a solid stepping stone for students' futures. Register today to start an exciting educational journey in Canada!

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